Acclaimed Photographer Teams Up with Volvo

Volvo has a compelling new way of showing off the new Volvo XC60's safety perks. By working with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and artist Barbara Davidson, the brand is setting itself apart with a completely innovative new project. For the first time, a photographer will use the onboard security cameras of the XC60 as a lens.

If you're weary about how this initiative will unfold, don’t worry. This is a totally new concept unheard of in the automotive world. However, the results are stunning.

Davidson took nearly three dozen snapshots through the onboard safety camera's lenses to display life on the streets of Copenhagen from a different perspective rarely seen by anyone other than locals and frequent visitors. Her work was exhibited at Canvas Studios gallery in London earlier this month, and it will travel to other countries around the globe throughout the year.

"With this project, we connect art and safety for people to see the benefits of this technology," Davidson said.

In a press release on the car company's website, Davidson said she has a very personal reason to collaborate with the brand. When Davidson was a teenager, she was involved in a car accident, and the vehicle flipped over. In a typical situation, Davidson said, the crash should have been fatal. However, she was later told that she made it out alive because she was riding in a Volvo.

The Swedish car company means business when it comes to safety. The new XC60 was produced with three new safety features in mind that all work to help the driver and deliver steering support when needed.

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