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There’s a word that Swedish Volvo owners use to describe their cars. They call them ’framkomlighet’, which means “the ability to get you wherever you want to go” in Swedish. That’s a pretty apt way to describe our all-wheel drive equipped vehicles, but this year represents something special. Along with the recent announcement of brand’s push to ensure every model produced after 2019 will a hybrid-electric motor, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Volvo’s mechanical all-wheel drive.

The first vehicle to feature Volvo’s original system was the 850 Estate, which eventually became the V70, and spawned the Cross Country nameplate a year later. Since then, Volvo’s mechanical AWD system has evolved, and is now considered among the most traction-preserving, intelligent systems you can find on a luxury vehicle. Although the brand celebrated the anniversary in their home country back in January with the approach of winter, we’d like to take this opportunity to share what makes it so special.

Introducing Volvo “Active On Demand” All-Wheel Drive
While the original system Volvo produced was predominantly mechanical, the latest systems available in models like the XC60 are based more on electronics and sensors. Combined with saving weight, this allows for a greater and quicker distribution of power between front and rear axles, as well as individual wheels, and enables the car to put power to all four wheels at all times. Thanks to computers monitoring traction, stability, and overall performance, Volvo’s Active On Demand system always has its best foot forward, on any road, in any weather.

The Future
But Volvo’s current electronics-based AWD will help chart a course to even safer systems moving forward. As part of its commitment to ensuring its full 2019 model year lineup comes with hybrid-electric power, the brand is looking for ways to make its system more adaptable. As Volvo’s cars become more reliant on batteries, developing AWD technology capable of independently and continuously controlling each wheel becomes closer to being a reality.

Our Manasquan, NJ drivers deserve the peace of mind of a vehicle that can handle the sometimes brutal conditions of our corner of the Northeast. When it comes to a brand that emphasizes safety, and vehicles you can trust, there’s no substitute for our new Volvo lineup. To get started on vetting your next model, browse our online inventory, fill out our finance application, and contact a sales representative at (877) 470-7662.

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