The future of performance. Introducing #Polestar1 by @polestarcars.

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Volvo Car Group has hinted that it is creating a whole new line-up of performance vehicles, Polestar. Now we would like to introduce you to the long awaited Polestar 1, a hybrid coupe with lots of power. Due to come out in mid-2019, the Polestar 1 is the first of three promised Polestar performance models. The 1 is a two-door coupe that contains a 34-kilowatt battery pack, two electric motors, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. The electric motors produce 218-horsepower and the 2.0-liter adds on 382-horsepower which combined provide you with an outstanding 600-horsepower and an incredible 737 pound-feet of torque. Now that's some power!

Also Volvo Cars has stated that the Polestar 1 should have a whopping 90 mile range on just electric power. This means that not only is the 1 going to speed by the gas guzzlers on the highway next to you, but it is also going to save you trips to the gas station, which in turn saves you money.

How Do I Get My Hands On The Polestar 1?

Although the Polestar 1 isn't set to be released until 2019, you can still take a look at the order books that are available. The Polestar vehicles aren't going to be sold like a normal car either. They are only available to be ordered online, for a two or three year subscription, with zero deposit, pickup/delivery service, and all for a monthly payment. If you'd like to discuss how you can get a hold of one of these amazing vehicles, feel free to talk to one of our associates, here at Volvo Cars Manasquan, and let us help you out.

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