As temperatures plummet and the snow begins to fall, it’s important to prepare your Volvo for harsh winter driving conditions on the roads near Toms River, Brick, Lakewood and Manasquan. With conditions becoming increasingly more dangerous as we enter in to the thick of winter, consider these five tips to make sure your Volvo is properly equipped to safely make it through the cold weather:

  • Check Your Fluid Levels – Pop open the hood and check your windshield wiper fluid, oil, power steering and coolant fluid levels and top them off if necessary. It’s important to check levels now before cold weather conditions prevent you from doing so.

  • Inspect Your Tires – Run your hand across and visibly inspect your tires to check for any wear and tear, as well as feeling for adequate tread. Your tires are essential to keeping you safe in adverse conditions, so make it a priority to get new tires if they need to be replaced.

  • Prepare an Emergency Kit – It’s better to be prepared than not to be, so do yourself a courtesy and pack an emergency kit to keep in your car making sure to include a first aid kit, extra clothes, a flashlight, an ice scraper, non-perishable foods and jumper cables.


  • Examine Windshield Wipers – This is a good time to check your wiper blades and make sure they are working properly. When the snow starts to fall you want to make sure your wiper blades are functional and helpful when visibility on the road is low.


  • Drive Only When You Need To – Above anything else, use common sense this winter and drive only when you absolutely need to. As long as you’re prepared this winter you should have no problems, but remember that the safest way to travel during bad weather is to not travel at all.


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