If you have an indelible impression of wagons as heavy family vehicles, it’s time to relinquish that thought. The 2020 Volvo V90 is everything but bulky. While it remains ideal for families, it’s an attractive and elegant vehicle that gets you to your destination in style. Here at Volvo Cars Manasquan, we're proud to offer this model to our customers. Read on to learn more!

Stylish Design

There are a lot of cars with different body types on the roads of Toms River these days. Whether you prefer an SUV or sedan, the 2020 Volvo V90 will likely speak to your sense of style. That’s because it’s a unique intersection of those two body styles. You’ll have the best of both worlds when driving a Volvo V90. From a pure design perspective, this wagon is beautifully unique and stylish. It’s also known for optimizing safety on the road.

Plenty of Space for Cargo

It’s not always easy to decide on the type of vehicle to purchase around Lakewood. The best thing to do is to determine what you want and examine what different vehicles have to offer. The 2020 Volvo V90 has incredible features that will compel you to get behind the wheel. The cabin is exceptionally appointed in a way that makes you feel good about driving. It has a lot of space, which allows you to go on long trips in sheer comfort.

Engaging Performance and Technology

While the 2020 Volvo V90 looks excellent and has plenty of outstanding interior features, what about the powertrain? No worries in that area! It’s energetic and easy to handle. The engine options are robust and facilitate an engaging drive. It also offers an excellent fuel economy that’s impressive, especially given its size. While driving down the road appreciating the power under the hood, you’ll also enjoy an abundance of tech features. There’s a sizable touchscreen that’s easy to access by the driver. Whether you are connecting to your smartphone or playing your favorite tunes, technologies in the 2020 Volvo V90 elevate your driving experience.

Visit Volvo Cars Manasquan to Learn More

Drivers in the Brick, NJ, area can see the 2020 V90 firsthand here at Volvo Cars Manasquan. It’s a great way to better understand all that it has to offer. By all measures, it’s a stunning wagon. We look forward to working with you soon!

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