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Volvo Cars Helps Clean Up The Beach

Volvo Cars isn't just focused on making high-quality vehicles, they are also determined to clean up the world around them, starting with the beaches in Alicante. Over 100 Volvo Cars employees volunteered to clean up plastic, debris, and other junk off of the Alicante beach to start off their partnership with the UN Environment and the Clean Seas Campaign.

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Acclaimed Photographer Teams Up with Volvo

Volvo has a compelling new way of showing off the new Volvo XC60's safety perks. By working with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and artist Barbara Davidson, the brand is setting itself apart with a completely innovative new project. For the first time, a photographer will use the onboard security cameras of the XC60 as a lens.

If you're weary about how this initiative will unfold, don’t worry. This is a totally new concept unheard of in the automotive world. However, the results are stunning.

Davidson took nearly three dozen snapshots through the onboard safety camera's lenses to…

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