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The Updated, Volvo Lineup Near Manasquan, NJ

Volvo Cars Manasquan is the brand's ambassador at the Jersey Shore. In this is that Scandinavian sense of efficiency spanning every department. Moreover, is the Volvo luxury lineup and those models comprising.

From Volvo SUVs and refined sedans to versatile wagons, there's something for every discerning palette outside Toms River.

Your Complete, Volvo Emporium

Fortunately, the Volvo brand is always building upon previous success. This may be seen within a luxury lineup consisting of sustainable models all.

This new model year features the completion of a goal. That is offering pure-electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid models only. So, for a sustainable practice convened daily, the client is single-handedly doing their part in ensuring a healthier environment outside Lakewood.

As such, the following classes of model offer the benefit of Volvo electrification to savor.

  • Volvo Recharge pure-electric models of Volvo EX90 Recharge SUVs and C40 Recharge crossovers will earn up to 226-miles in fuel-free ranging.
  • Volvo Recharge offers plug-in hybrid powering to new, luxurious SUVs of Volvo XC90 Recharge and XC60 Recharge.
  • Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid sedans of S90 Recharge and S60 Recharge earn elevated mileage.
  • Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid wagons encompass Volvo V60 Recharge models lending versatility to your daily routine near Brick.
  • Volvo mild-hybrid models offer fuel-sipping powertrains across the entire lineup.

With certain degrees of Volvo electrification are federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars to be claimed. As well, there might be benefits offered at the state and local level for thorough advantages realized.

Financing, Leasing - Your Choice in Volvo Acquisition

There are several options in your attainment of Volvo excellence. And predicated upon your personal driving habits and need, the choices offered in financing and leasing become tailored to your circumstances.


With financing, you'll be the proud owner once your terms have been met and duly satisfied. As well, there's often finance specials to be had for additional savings. And should you be employed as a healthcare worker, teacher, in law enforcement or U.S. military, certain discounts may be applied.

There's even an online finance application to move the purchase process along in an efficient manner.


Leasing offers a low monthly payment to those clients whose traveling is limited to localities at the Jersey Shore. It's the affordable method when you're simply running errands or satisfying family obligations amid your daily commuting.

And once your lease agreement enters maturity, you've got attractive lease-end options to exercise. This may comprise the choice of purchasing your lease or leasing anew the very latest in the Volvo stable every three years.

Volvo Genuine Service Near Manasquan

It's important a dealership offers comprehensiveness with a new vehicle purchase. And so it is with Volvo Genuine Service supporting your new, Volvo luxury model.

From simple oil changes performed every few thousand miles to all manner of service and maintenance procedures, strict brand guidelines are adhered to. This facilitated by factory-trained technicians certified in their craft.

You may even schedule service online via any device handy.

And with Volvo Genuine Parts installed, furthered is Volvo excellence in performance and safety both. Vital is the enhancement of branded longevity prefacing every new, Volvo model produced.

Volvo Cars Manasquan - Your Complete, Volvo Dealership Featuring Professionalism Throughout

Whatever your needs in Volvo, we provide a perfected shopping experience, especially when you select one of our Volvo electric models.

And once a decision has been solidified, the support of our Volvo dealership stands behind your purchase or lease.

Incomparable is our professionalism at every stage of the Volvo experience, for those already initiated and enthusiasts alike.

So, visit with us and explore our new Volvo inventory in-person.