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The Benefits of Leasing at Volvo Cars Manasquan Near Toms River, NJ

For some at the Jersey Shore, the mere thought of purchasing a new vehicle might come with doubt. Above all, affordability is of paramount importance. But what if there was another tact to take when desiring Volvo excellence in a luxury SUV, sedan or wagon?

At Volvo Cars Manasquan, our Volvo leasing center presents another option towards acquiring Volvo. It's our way of displaying an energetic commitment in placing the Lakewood client first, and meeting with challenges large and small. Coupled with leasing specials, it might be the path to take near Toms River.

What's the Difference Between Financing, Leasing at Volvo Cars Manasquan?

To distinguish the benefits of leasing, our trusted Volvo dealership is able to convey the differences between financing and leasing. By no means monolithic, look to this exercise as a simple comparison and where you appropriately fit.


There are a few benefits to financing a Volvo luxury SUV, indeed. Bear-in-mind, benefits are not solely restricted to financing. Leasing too offers advantages dependent upon circumstances or desire. Either way, the decisioning rests with you.

  • When financing, a down payment is likely required.
  • Add the value of a trade to any down payment amount and you're reducing what a monthly payment will comprise.
  • While financing until payoff, maintaining your vehicle is of great importance. By taking care of your Volvo with regular servicing and maintenance, the future value will mirror your efforts.
  • After payoff, the title will be embossed with your name given full, unadulterated ownership.


Leasing a new Volvo S90 luxury sedan confers certain advantages beyond financing. Add manufacturer incentives and Volvo Cars Manasquan special-lease offers, and leasing may encompass a more affordable avenue. Here are the defining benefits to leasing via Volvo Cars Manasquan:

  • Often, no down payment is required. Though fees, taxes, security deposit and the first-month lease payment are required at-signing. Lease specials may do away with these nuances.
  • Overall, a lease will see a lower monthly payment as opposed to financing.
  • With some recent models, Volvo Cars Manasquan is likely to offer attractive enticements and offers. A lowered Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and reduced monthly payment term might see you lease another Volvo V90 Cross Country in less than three years.
  • Volvo Lease-End Options can be very enticing. These comprise the following when leasing a Volvo:
  1. Exercising the purchase option within 15-days of your lease ending will provide a payoff quote. With worn-in appeal and memories intact, this is a savory choice.
  2. Extending your current Volvo lease by a few months given a new, Volvo C40 Recharge on-order might easily be arranged.
  3. Or, turning-in the present lease to lease anew another Volvo XC60 luxury SUV. Think of this as the Brick boulevard towards driving the very latest Volvo model every three years.

What is the 'Care by Volvo' Subscription Service?

Ever innovating, Volvo Cars has developed the all-inclusive, leasing subscription service. By subscribing online and selecting Volvo Cars Manasquan as your preferred Volvo dealership along the Jersey Shore, one monthly payment secures the following benefits:

  • Maintenance, protection for tires and wheels, and excessive wear are covered.
  • Insurance coverage is taken care of with that same monthly payment.
  • Flexibility comprises no long-term commitment and the option to cancel after a certain period of months.
  • Browse Volvo luxury SUVs, sedans and wagons, and see which are offered through Care by Volvo. Select a model, then choose Volvo Cars Manasquan as your dealer of choice where delivery is taken within two weeks.

Volvo Cars Manasquan's Volvo Lease Center At-The-Ready

Visit our local Lakewood area dealership today to learn more about leasing an affordable Volvo luxury SUV, sedan or wagon.

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