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Used Volvo Wagon Inventory in Manasquan

A used station wagon can be a great family car. Station wagons aren't only great cars to own, they offer drivers many benefits to car enthusiasts. At Volvo Cars Manasquan, we provide a broad selection of wagons to ensure everyone can find a delightful model. We offer Volvo wagons that can improve your driving experience around Toms River in many ways. Wagons are versatile vehicles that offer a spacious interior and a more compact way to cruise around Lakewood.

Used Volvo wagons at our dealership are stylish and offer plenty of interior comfort and storage space to make your driving experience pleasant. Here are some of the used Volvo wagons available at our dealership.

Volvo C60

One of the wagons available at our dealership includes the stylish Volvo V60 Wagon. It is a luxurious and sleek ride that will make your drive more enjoyable. Volvo V60 is a perfect car for commuting to areas where appearance matter. Its fuel efficiency and exterior and interior design make it an ideal vehicle for getting to and from work stylishly and comfortably. By purchasing a used Volvo V60 at our dealership, you will enjoy the upscale finishes Volvo vehicles are known for. Our certified pre-owned Volvo V60 models combine the used and new car experience by providing additional benefits and affordability. They also adhere to certain standards and undergo a lengthy process before getting the CPO title.

Our used Volvo C60 comes integrated with Google Maps to provide you with real-time rerouting and traffic information for a hassle-free driving experience. Google Play in your used V60 will let you enjoy features that make long and short trips convenient and entertaining. Used V60 wagons at our dealership come equipped with an advanced air purifier that helps prevent hazardous particles from entering the cabin. That way, you and your passenger will enjoy healthy air quality regardless of the driving conditions. The V60's head-up display allows drivers to follow turn navigations and watch their speed to stay safe on the road. The brightness of the display system changes with the lighting conditions, but you can set it to suit your preferences.

Volvo C90

At Volvo Cars Manasquan, we have a wide selection of used and pre-owned Volvo V90, a mid-size luxury wagon. Our used V90 models are available with a powerful engine that can earn up to 400 horsepower. Used V90 models at our dealership offer everything a wagon enthusiast might want. It is a luxurious, fuel-efficient, and beautiful vehicle. Though available with some minor redesigns, our used V90 models remain sandwiched between the V90 Cross Country and the Volvo V60 wagon. It is an efficient family vehicle offering a pleasant ride and smooth handling like any other luxury sedan.

Used Volvo V90 models at our dealership are available in two different engine types: the T5 and the T6 model. Our T5 Volvo V90 models are among the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the wagon class. Powered by a 2.0-liter engine, a used T5 Volvo V90 offers an impressive rating of 35 mpg on the highway, while a T6 model can earn up to 24 mpg on the highway.

Our dealership prioritizes safety, which is why all our V90 models are available with a three-point safety belt to protect you while behind the wheel. Other safety features available in our used Volvo V90 include lane centering, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, lane departure mitigation, and forward-collision warning.

The most appealing feature of our used V90 is its SUV-like cargo room. Its front seats are spacious enough to accommodate up to two people. Both front seats include powered lumbar support and height adjustment to provide the driver's legs with more assistance on long trips. With its beautiful rear quarter panels, sharply sloped rear window, and remarkable axle ratio, a used V90 is a perfect vehicle for someone looking to attract spectators while cruising around Brick, NJ.

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