New 2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid

2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge T8

Consider the Volvo XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid

The environment is a growing concern for everyone. At Volvo Cars Manasquan, we enjoy giving our customers ways to help reduce their carbon footprint. While you can strategically plan your drives, owning an environmentally-friendly vehicle can also help you minimize your carbon emissions. The Volvo XC90 Recharge is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can help you do just that.

Recharge Redux

Since the Recharge is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, it provides you with the opportunity to power your trips through Manasquan with an electrical motor and a gasoline engine. As a member of Volvo's XC90 lineup, it offers the vast array of design, comfort, and safety features you would expect from a luxury crossover SUV. The following overview of essential information will help you decide if this vehicle is right for you.

One of the first concerns customers have about a plug-in hybrid vehicle is power or fuel range. The Recharge boasts a range of 55 miles per gallon and electricity. Drivers can also use Pure Mode, which runs solely on electricity, to carry you 18 miles on a full charge. In addition to such impressive ranges, the Recharge uses eAWD for a powerful driving experience.

Assisted Safety

As part of Volvo's acclaimed collection of SUVs, the Recharge keeps Volvo's commitment to protecting its passengers and pedestrians. These vehicles are made from boron steel, resulting in a body that can withstand the rigors of Manasquan roads and its sometimes unpredictable conditions. They are also equipped with the Advanced Driver Assistance System to help drivers more carefully navigate streets populated with people, bicycles, and other vehicles.

Parking is one of the most challenging driving maneuvers to master. This is true whether you're parallel parking on the street or parking in a lot. The Recharge is equipped with four cameras for a comprehensive, high-definition view of your surroundings to maximize your visibility for secure parking in challenging conditions.

The Recharge can also help you avoid a collision as you back out of a parking spot. Cross-Traffic Alert displays an advisory icon and sounds a warning signal from the speaker on the side from which the unexpected car or child moves toward you. If you don't apply the brake, the auto-brake system safely brings your vehicle to a stop, avoiding a potential collision.

Toms River highways are notorious for collisions, particularly during lane changes. The Recharge's Blind Spot Information System uses a warning chime and icon to inform you when another vehicle is on a collision path toward your blind spot. This innovative system then steers your crossover back toward the safety of your lane.

Another common area for collisions is at the side of roads. Driving is not easy. Driving in heavy traffic or with children in the back seat is even more difficult. Amid so many distractions, unintentionally drifting from the road is a real possibility. The XC90's Run-off Road Mitigation System does the steering and braking for you until you get out of this dangerous situation.

An Inside View

After safety, the next most important factor in choosing a vehicle is the driving experience. Since the Recharge is an elite luxury vehicle, it has premium amenities. This ecofriendly interior features optional tailored seats for six or seven passengers, which are upholstered with a comfortable and durable wool blend to support our animal population. An artisan-crafted Swiss crystal gear shifter by Orrefors provides an enticing alternative to the leather-wrapped shifters frequently found in vehicles of this class. Advanced air filtration keeps the air pure, and premium Bowser & Watkins speakers deliver clear sound throughout the cabin.

While onboard, there are many ways to keep your passengers entertained. Volvo has an exciting partnership with Google to provide an Android-based system that works with Google apps. Recharge drivers can have convenient hands-free access to many smartphone features. Quickly access music and other media on Google Play. Find your way or a freshly cooked meal with Google Maps. Harness the power of your voice to accomplish many essential tasks with Google Assistant. Some of the things you can do with the help of Google Assistant include:

  • Adjust the vehicle's climate controls
  • Set or alter your destination for navigation
  • Call a friend
  • Get traffic updates

If your crew suffers a bout of screen fatigue or you want to enforce safe limits on their technology use, the Recharge features a fantastic technology-free entertainment option. The open-and-tilt panoramic roof offers a breath of fresh air and views of the sky. Whether they're searching for shapes in the clouds or trying to trace the constellations in the night sky, the Recharge provides the space passengers need to dream.

Recharge Your Way

The Recharge offers environmentally-savvy customers a way to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury vehicle with a much smaller carbon footprint. It also provides a few distinctly different design choices. Both designs sport the trademark "Thor's Hammer" LED headlights. They also have the standard Volvo grille, accent trim around the windows, and black diamond-cut alloy wheels, yet they have entirely different styles. The Inscription presents a classic luxe image with a sleeker, slightly lower profile and silver exterior accents. It also has 10-spoke wheels. The R-Design boasts a significantly sportier vibe with a boxier design, black exterior accents, and streamlined 5-spoke wheels. No matter which Recharge model you choose, you'll be making an excellent choice for your health and that of the planet.